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Guarantee of quality

We have over 13 years experience in the transport market. Only professionals in our team. Satisfied customers are the guarantor of our company's quality of service.

Supply of materials

We can source and deliver all kinds of general construction and consumables anywhere in the Russian Federation and the world.

Representative offices

city of Naryan-Mar
city of Norilsk (port Dudinka)
city of Krasnoyarsk
city of Murmansk


MorNefteGazService.Ltd is a diversified company operating in the Russian Federation since 2009. The main activities of the company are the supply of materials and goods to the Far North. Years of experience in this area, as well as a team of professionals in our company allows us to provide the highest service to our customers. We are able to deliver your cargo to any point of the Arctic coast of the Russian Federation and to the deposits of the Russian North. Materials are delivered by all types of transport (by sea, road, rail and air).